fan the flame

fan the flame
Synonyms and related words:
aggravate, agitate, alienate, annoy, arouse, awake, awaken, bank, blow the coals, blow up, burn, call forth, call up, come between, conflagrate, disaffect, disunite, divide, enkindle, enrage, estrange, excite, fan, fan the fire, feed, feed the fire, ferment, fire, flame, foment, frenzy, heat, heat up, ignite, impassion, incense, incite, inflame, infuriate, instigate, irritate, key up, kindle, lather up, light, light the fuse, light up, madden, make trouble, move, nettle, overexcite, pique, pit against, provoke, put up to, rally, rekindle, relight, relume, rouse, separate, set against, set astir, set at odds, set at variance, set fire to, set on, set on fire, sic on, sow dissension, steam up, stir, stir the blood, stir the embers, stir the feelings, stir the fire, stir up, stir up trouble, stoke, stoke the fire, strike a light, summon up, tickle, torch, touch off, turn on, wake, wake up, waken, warm, warm the blood, whet, whip up, work into, work up

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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